This webcomic is a new iteration of my work in print zine comics. It is being shown as a digital installation at the Computers and Writing 2011 conference.

My original abstract reads, “Through this installation, I will officially debut my webcomic, “Oh Shit, I’m in Grad School”. This project will both embody and illuminate the generic elements of webcomics that differentiate them from print comics and tie them closely to other digitally native genres, such as blogs. I hope to create a virtual community space often found in webcomics, where readers can enter a dialogue with the creator, and sustain it after the conference is over.”

All conference proposals are ambitious. I hope I didn’t overstep the bounds of what this project is accomplishing.

“Dinosaurs in the Burkean Parlor” originated from my Visual Rhetoric seminar, and “Pulling Panels” was created to accompany the presentation I made at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in 2011. However, this is their first functional digital iteration: they work differently and mean something differently this time around. I believe this is true for all comic strips and comic books, and I hope to test this theory through my own work.

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